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A Guide to Ecommerce Software

We talked to 917 users of ecommerce software and discovered Shopify is most recommended, bandwidth overage charges are (still) a problem and most users don’t want to rely on a developer.

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About this Guide

Wise Buyer publish in-depth guides to software (all our guides). We take inspiration from companies such as The Wirecutter. If you'd like to hear when we publish new guides, you can join our newsletter.

While the research for our buyer guides is a team effort, Steve Benjamins writes the guides. Steve founded Wise Buyer in late 2016. He’s also the founder of Site Builder Report— where he writes in-depth reviews of website and store builders. In the evenings he also makes music which you can listen to here.

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How we calculate customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the percentage of users that we talked to that recommended the product. We talk to a minimum of 30 users / company in order to calculate the customer satisfaction. (If we're not able to find 30 users, we don't include the company in our guide.)

When was this guide published?

This guide was published Dec 21 2016.