Should you use a website builder?

Here's when not to use a website builder: don’t use a website builder if you want to build something unconventional (like an awesome idea for an app that’s never been done before).

If you need some unconventional, you’ll need to hire a web developer.

But here’s the thing: most websites are pretty conventional. For example: if you need a website for your restaurant you might require a map, food menu, photo gallery and contact information. Website builders are perfect for building websites like this (most have features that would support all 4 requirements).

You don’t need to be intimidated by website builders. If you can handle Microsoft Word you can handle a website builder. (If you’re a technical person— like a web developer— you’ll find it’s still worth using a website builder. I’m a web developer myself and I use Squarespace for my band’s website— there’s no reason to over-engineer a website!)