Website Builders vs. CMS’s

A CMS such as Wordpress and Drupal is different from a website builder. A CMS will be more flexible but have a much steeper learning curve. The tradeoff looks something like this:

I recommend you try a website builder first. If you find it’s too inflexible for your needs you may want to jump up to a CMS. Just be aware that when you move to a CMS you will also be responsible for setting up a host and connecting to a database. Also CMS’s are free but they don’t have customer support like website builders (and require you to pay for hosting).

Some pros and cons between CMS’s and website builders:

Website Builders Content Management Systems
Monthly fee Free
Drag & Drop WYSIWYG
No configuring hosts and databases Requires a host and MySQL database.
Coding not required Coding occasionally required
Website cannot be exported (more info) Website can be exported to a new host

Wait— so Wordpress isn't a website builder? Nope. Just like it’s Wikipedia page says, Wordpress is a Content Management System (CMS).