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The Ultimate Guide to Landing Page Builders

We talked to 467 real users of landing page builders and discovered that choosing a landing page builder is all about fit. There is no best in class— instead you’ll want to find one that fits your needs.

(We created this guide by finding websites using landing page builders. We then emailed them and asked if they recommended the landing page builder. We personally replied to all responses. Our work is supported by affiliate commissions.)



Customer Satisfaction

People Like

  • Easy to Use — "It easy to build pages", "It's very easy to use and customize", "Very easy to use", "Thrive is very intuitive and easy to use", "there's a lot of room for customization without it being overwhelming or confusing", "It shows you a full and true WYSIWYG layout and makes it easy to create and alter landing pages.", "super easy to use -- WAY better than OptimizePress", "It's very intuitive and easy-to-use.", "Very easy to use.", "easy to use and lots of flexibility"

  • Lots of Features — "It has more and better features than Leadpages and it is much cheaper.", "There a lot of conversion tools", "You can fully customize each landing page AND popup", "There's a ton of options to choose from", "you can even pick the timing a certain lightbox appears", "[Thrive] has made the task of setting up difficult pages - almost too easy", "very user-friendly and flexible", "For people who aren't great with HTML and coding, it makes it a lot easier to put together better looking pages with all the icons, content boxes and other little bells and whistles.", "The landing pages are great and allow for complete customization.", "You have a full control of what you can put on your page"

  • Always Getting Better — "Thrive Themes consistently upgrades their products and issues a video with each improvement, so that's a huge plus.", "They are constantly adding and tweaking new features. I really like it.", "There's been a lot of work done in the last 6 months to improve it's capability and it's now quick, responsive and flexible.", "It’s already all you need to build just about any kind of page and there are big improvements in the pipeline.", "They're also constantly making updates and they have great customer service."

  • Tutorials — "Its very easy to use and there are more tutorials than you can shake a stick at.", "their updates and tutorials have been a godsend for me", "Their support videos are helping a lot. ", "And they have great training videos as well."

People Like

  • Easy to Use — "It's very easy to use.", "Allows you to get something up very, very quickly!", "it's fantastically easy to use: the GUI is very simple.", "simple to use for us non-techies", "It's easy to navigate, fast to learn", "Yes, I would recommend Instapage ... Especially if you have little or non web design experience.", "They did have a HUGE increase in prices in spring (if I remember correctly) and I wanted to quit, but simply couldn't.", "The platform provides clean and easy to use interface.", "The UI of Instapage is very intuitive."

People Don't Like

  • Expensive — "Little bit expensive IMHO.", "Frankly it's too expensive for what it is, but I'd recommend it [still].", "A bit on the pricier side though.", "The price is way to high", "A bit too expensive for smaller users.", "Now that Instapage has raise their prices I would just get started with Leadpages if I was a new user", "I wouldn't recommend it for the price.", "A little expensive"

People Like

  • Price & Billing — "It is not a monthly [plan] like some of the others", "It's great for the price.", "They offer great value for money.", "It's great for the price." , "I don't want to pay a [monthly] fee... when I can host my own site for a one-time fee [with OptimizePress].", "Plus there’s the bonus of no monthly fee.", "On some servers, the power editor is unusable", "they offer great value for money"

  • Templates & Plugins — "It came with a wealth of templates and plugins— more than I really need", "They have quite a few templates", "Lots of functionality and integrations", "It has good templates"

People Don't Like

  • Bugs — "There are glitches and sometimes it freezes.", "I've found it doesn't run well on my computer. If you have a newer computer you shouldn't have trouble though.", "When building a page and making a number of changes quickly, it will freeze up.", "It’s not without it’s bugs but works well."

People Like

  • Page Editor — "As a landing page builder, it's very versatile and easy to use.", "I think the landing page builder is amazing.", "Love the editor. Never found an easier way to create an attractive webpage that does exactly what I want layout-wise.", "I think their site builder is better than most others (better than LeadPages and OptimizePress.)", "Easy drag and drop system.", "so easy to create a beautiful, professional looking site/landing page/sales page/webinar page/etc.", "I like the ease of creating sites", "I would recommend Clickfunnels as a landing page builder", "I think the landing page builder is amazing."

People Don't Like

  • Bugs w/ Integrations — "We are pretty happy using it although that it has some bugs here and there", "I'd say it's good but buggy.", "It works great for taking Stripe payments, but their integration with other shopping carts is broken.", "I had all sorts of bugs with it", "It's fairly tricky to integrate with Infusionsoft--my email platform--and my assistant always complains.", "CF is great but they also have a lot of issues."

People Like

  • Easy to Use — "Easy... anyone can make a page.", "It's super easy to use", "It is really easy to build a landing page", "You don't need to know much about web design or coding. Just drag and drop and you can have quite a nice landing page.", "Yes it is very user friendly", "I like the ease of use", "It's really easy to create pages.", "Everything you need is within an eyes view and does not require you to swim around dark waters trying to find something.", "It's very easy to get started and generally works well.", "Easy to use even for novice"

  • Integrations — "Great 3rd party integrations", "We... integrate with typeforms, Zapier and single sign-on to make the pages feature rich.", "A great list of integrations", "We were able to add custom js to pages to assist with event tracking and interaction.", "They are always working to provide new JS and code to help others find solutions to unique situations."

People Don't Like

  • Expensive — "The price is way too high", "It's quite expensive", "It's rather expensive", "For the price, I'd honestly expect more.", "It's a little pricey at $45 per month.", "We've started to move over to Instapage. Their service is cheaper."

People Like

  • “Viral Boost” Referral System - "the main reason we went with KOL to begin with was their built-in referral system", "One of the best features [is] their social sharing thank you pages where you could create contests and freebies based on how many people signed up off of your share code.", "It was easy to setup a rewards referral campaign. I was able to collect 520 emails in two months with it.", "We chose to use KickoffLabs because of their referral tracker", "I did like the viral/referral thing. That really helped me attract some leads I would never have reached otherwise."

People Don't Like

  • Expensive - "$40 a month is way overpriced", "Its a little pricey.", "It's too expensive in my opinion. I just switched over to Squarespace because it's much cheaper.", "I'd like to find something lower cost.", "We do like it, but we think it is a little pricey for the features.", "Their premium plan is a bit pricey at $149 / month.", "You can't edit HTML unless you are on some super advanced pricing plan, which costs too much."

  • Lack of Theme Customization — "Not a lot of customization can be done", "They are not very customizable, meaning once you select your template there isn't a lot you can do with it", "I'll be switching to something more robust very soon", "Lack of customization", "We think that it needs a little more customization regarding page creation.", "Our biggest issue with them is how constrained your are for designing a website.", "If your website matches a template exactly then you are good to go, but if you want to customize we have found that we run into issues."

People Like

  • LeadBoxes — "We love LeadPages... especially their lead boxes.", "We actually use LeadPages for a variety of different things; most commonly for their lead boxes.", "their lead boxes [are] a great tool for list building", "Leadboxes are great. Probably the most helpful part of leadpages, to be honest. ", "The ease of adding a 'leadbox' anywhere with a line of code is fabulous.", "I do like leadpages- but mostly for their lead boxes.", "The timed LeadBoxes (pop ups) are great"

  • Integrations — "It also integrates into my digital marketing automation platform, Infusionsoft.", "I am pleased with Leadpages and the way that it integrates with Aweber.", "It's easy to integrate with my CRM tool."

People Don't Like

  • Lacks Customization — "It does lack some customization i.e. you're stuck with the template you choose and it's not easy to change.", "If you want to add a block of text, or an element that isn’t on the template, or combine ideas from another template, you just can’t do it.", "Leadpages doesn't offer much customization options in terms of the layout"

People Like

  • Easy Setup — "Simple to setup, easy to design, and prompt customer support.", "Easy to setup and love that it was free.", "It is quite straightforward to set up a simple page, also with your own domain name.", "It is easy to setup", "It's good if you just need the basics."

People Don't Like

  • Not Actively Maintained (and Poor Customer Support) — "It has not really evolved in the past years and is very buggy.", "The helpdesk is not responsive.", "After the acquisition by it seems like no one is working on it anymore and things just worst.", "After paying for it, I contacted customer support, no answer. I dug around a little, and looking at LinkedIn, it seems like nobody works there anymore. If you ask me, they´re just milking the existing brand for money.", "I actually tweeted at the CEO of that it´s a disgrace to leave a product like that online when nobody works on it anymore. No reply, what a surprise."

  • Buggy — "The drag-and-drop web editor is very buggy", "The HTML code editor does not work anymore, or doing even small changes to the template is not possible.", "When you change colors or some other styles, go to Preview Mode and come back, some changes might be lost. It is a nightmare.", "Buggy, terrible UX, just a compete mess.", "I find the building extremely buggy, regardless of browser."

People Like

  • Customer Support — "Customer service tries their best to help.", "They have EXCELLENT customers service and will even customize scripts for us to add custom functionality.", "Their support has also been really helpful.", "[They have] responsive support.", "There is good support if there are any questions.", "[We've spent] a great deal of time on on-line chats with tech support. They are very patient working through issues we’ve had. "

People Don't Like

  • Buggy — "It has some problems with cookies", "You can be building the page and everything blows up and kicks you out of the page.", "We would setup triggers for things and they just wouldn't work. They literally wouldn't do what you ask. If they could work out the kinks, it would be a really neat tool.", "[We] ran into problems right away. Emails weren’t always sending to leads from the site, leads weren’t coming to us consistently from the landing pages, leads would be entered on one landing page, then show up in a completely different leads list in our dashboard.", "It was extremely glitchy.", "I believe I will switch to Leadpages due to the bugs Wishpond seems to have.", "their software can be a little glitchy"

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